World Cup Opening in Klingenthal

World Cup Opening in Klingenthal

For the third time, the FIS World Cup Ski Jumping will begin in Klingenthal. From November 20th to 22nd the best ski jumpers in the world will compete for the first victories of the new season at the Sparkasse Vogtland Arena.
The modern HS 140 hill will host a team competition on November 21st and a single competition a day later.
Already on November 19th, thousands of spectators will take part with the Welcome party on the Klingenthal market place in the centre of the town. More than 70 Athletes from up to 20 countries from all over the world, will be presented on the big stage. It’s not unlikely, that Norway’s Tom Hilde once again will show his drumming skills.
10 years after the first jumps on the brand new hill in Klingenthal took place, the little town in Saxony, around 200 kilometres from Leipzig, has a fix place in the FIS Calendars. Till now we have already hosted 60 international competitions, World Cups, FIS Grand Prix and Continental Cups in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined with almost 300.000 spectators.
The audience in Klingenthal witnessed the raise of Nordic ski heroes like Gregor Schlierenzauer, who could win five times in a row and was announced an honourable member of the local ski club. Eric Frenzel, who grew up only 50 kilometres from Klingenthal and meanwhile is a three-times World Cup overall winner and Olympic Champion, achieved his first World Cup victory in the Sparkasse Vogtland Arena.
A long list of breath taking moments stunned the audience in the past ten years. One of the highlights was for sure Michael Uhrmann's 146,5m flight for the hill record. With his last appearance in Klingenthal, the former German world class athlete performed the “best jump of my career” in the 2011 FIS Team Tour. Most likely, a record that will still stay for the next years.
Once again, the preparation for the opening of the FIS World Cup is a big challenge for the local organizers. On first place, the production of snow is not an easy task in the middle of November.
In 2013, the World Cup snow was produced already half a year ahead, stored in a shady spot close to the hill, covered with woodchips in order to “survive” the summer. It actually worked out.
One year later, due to a very warm winter, there was no chance to pre-produce the white gold. Thanks to a Finnish company, specialized in snow production under warm conditions, again the hill was ready just in time for the first competitions of the season.
This year, a similar system will guarantee that more than 3.500 cubic meters of snow to be ready for the preparation of the hill at the Sparkasse Vogtland Arena.
With Severin Freund as the defending champion in the World Cup overall and his teammates, who won the olympic gold medal in the Olympic team competition in 2014, the local hero Richard Freitag, the double Olympic champion Kamil Stoch from close by Poland, ski club member Gregor Schlierenzauer from Austria, the world champions from Norway, the legends Simon Ammann and Noriaki Kasai and the amazing talents from Slovenia, everything is ready for a stunning opening of the 2015/16 season of the FIS World Cup Ski Jumping in Klingenthal!